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The Story

Your company, Scatterholt, has experienced a data breach due to human error and you just found out about it through an alert. As a threat analyst, it’s your role to find any sensitive data that’s been leaked as quickly as possible.

We don’t want this information to fall into the wrong hands…

For this mission, you will need to search the dark and clear web, including dark web forums, marketplaces, and other dangerous sites in order to uncover the threat actor responsible for the data breach.

You will also need to monitor and research malicious actors. No worries, on the Flare platform the data is consolidated so you can search the dark web safely.

4 Categories of 12 Challenges to Stop the Malicious Actor who is Threatening Your Company

Click play now to start playing on this CTF game! The level of difficulty will increase as you go through the challenges. Have fun!
Credential Leaks
Illicit Markets (Dark web / Social Media)
Open Web (Github/Paste/Buckets)
IP / Domain
second character

How it works

Once you’ve signed up for the Flare Free Trial, you should expect an email in your inbox within 3-5 minutes.
While you wait, you can register for our CTFd platform where you can access all the challenges.
When your activation email arrives, you’ll be taken to the Flare platform where you can start searching for flags and solving the challenges in CTFd. 

When you first land on the Flare platform, you’ll be in our sample tenant ‘Scatterholt’. You’ll need to verify your identity to access the full free trial, we do this to keep our platform secure from any harmful users.

With the full trial, you’ll be able to customize and search your own domains. Do you know what data is out there?