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Live Webinar

Cyber Threats in Modern Warfare: Examining Crowdsourced DDoS Attacks

Tuesday, January 16th, 2023 at 11am EST

Zaid Osta & Eric Clay


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In this livestream, we'll explore the emergence of crowdsourced DDoS attacks during geopolitical events, citing case studies from the Russia-Ukraine and Israel-Hamas conflicts. We'll discuss how threat groups incentivize participation through gamified leaderboards, cryptocurrency rewards (like DDoSia by NoName057(16)), and their impact on American and European digital assets.


Our focus will also be on mitigation strategies, including technical measures such as distributed network resources and content delivery networks (CDNs), along with the importance of threat intelligence. By monitoring pre-attack announcements and attributing incidents, organizations can better prepare and respond to DDoS attacks. Join us for this informative session.

Cyber Threats in Modern Warfare